Collapsible Crates

Save Space and Speed Logistics


Many facilities do not have the square footage on-site to both package their products and store their crate inventory. One of our clients, an automotive company, simply did not have the space to maintain an inventory of 48”x48”x48” crates at their location. They needed a place to store these crates—yet still retain access for immediate shipping in emergency situations.


We designed a space-effective collapsible crate that measured 48”x48”x6” when collapsed. This helped the client store more collapsible crates at their facility. We also developed a sturdy latch system that required no special equipment to assemble; therefore, the client could easily build their own crates on demand with no lead time required.


The client was satisfied with the outcome, as it dramatically lowered the assembly time of the crate. The client’s team was particularly surprised and pleased at how well-secured each crate was after the specialized latches were in place.

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