Corrugated Crates
A Lighter, More Economical Alternative


Our client, a manufacturing company whose products featured fiberglass finishes, traditionally sent their crates through the airport. However, the cost of delivery was based on the weight of the product, so the heavier the crate, the more expensive it was. However, using less wood to reduce weight (and cost) meant less protection for their product.


We showed our client our wide variety of alternatives to wood. To retain strength and durability, we suggested that they use a corrugated crate as a substitute for plywood. The client was hesitant at first, unsure that a corrugated crate could guarantee the safety of their product. However, our engineers took special care to develop a design that stood up to their strength and durability requirements.


The price of the corrugated crate was cheaper than the client’s previous wood crating solution, and the final package weight was 30% lighter than the original design. This saved the client money on both crate manufacturing and product shipping.

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