Custom Foam Inserts

Extreme Protection for Fragile Items


One of our clients, a medical manufacturer, had a unique challenge for PSAP: he needed to secure his product in place without any movement—but the product did not have any inserts to secure it to the crate. The product was also too delicate to use straps to prevent shifting during transit.


In PSAP normally use foam as a barrier to prohibit the product from making contact with the interior walls of the crate. However, in this case we knew that the best protection would be the use of a full foam interior in which the product would be set. We custom cut the foam to exactly match the design of the product itself. We were able to place the product inside the foam, eliminating all movement and protecting it from any vibration.


No additional materials were required to secure the product. The client simply placed the product directly inside of the foam. Due to this project’s success, the client applied the same process with the rest of his products. Since using this revised design, he reports 0% product damage on delivery.

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