Kit Crates

An All-In-One Solution


Our client, a large electronics manufacturer, shipped its products to clients unassembled. Each part required a different packaging solution, so too often the product would reach its final destination with damage or missing parts.


The PSAP team developed a Kit Crate that would enable the client to send all materials in one shipment. A Kit Crate is a crate that features multiple types of interior material, each separated by a divider. One piece of the product was very heavy and therefore required a heavy duty crate. Other parts of the product were light and delicate, so we placed an interior crate with foam inserts to secure these fragile components.


We were able to reduce the number of materials needed to package the products, saving the client money upfront. Additionally, the client can now package all components for each product in a single container, saving time and eliminating the instances of lost components or accidental partial delivery.

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