Reusable Crates

Smart, Sturdy Design Increases Frequency of Use


One of our aerospace clients had facilities in Mexico and in the U.S. Too often, his crates would return to Mexico severely damaged and nearly impossible to re-use. He needed a solution that would eliminate the waste of having to constantly re-manufacture new crates.


We knew we needed to identify the true logistics of each crate. We closely investigated the stresses each crate underwent during transport and were able to design a more sturdy crate that would hold up through repeated shipping cycles. Though the cost of re-usable crates is higher than a regular shipping crate, with proper design, a crate can go through several cycles. Additionally, we offer repair for any damaged component, so the value of the crate will ultimately exceed the overall cost.


Our design truly protected the crate, resulting in each crate’s use for an additional four shipping cycles before needing repair. This made the crates more accessible to clients and employees.

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