Custom global packaging in any shape, size or quantity.

As the leading custom packaging manufacturer in Mexico, we have experienced steady expansion during our two decades in business. Our seven PSAP factory locations throughout Mexico and design headquarters in Baja California enable us to provide clients in Southern California, along the US/Mexico border, and across Mexico with high quality shipping solutions. We design and produce durable, cost-effective solutions for complicated shipping challenges that meet all international requirements.

With over 400 on-site factory employees and decades of design and engineering experience, clients in high-stakes industries – such as aerospace, automotive, medical, electronics, construction and manufacturing – know that we have the expertise and manpower to meet their complex global packaging specifications, even on time-critical deadlines.

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Our 7 locations manufacture global packaging solutions for every shipping scenario

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Real-world Custom Crate Solutions

Read real-world stories of how our custom crate solutions have helped clients save money, increase efficiencies and protect even the most delicate parts and products.

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