Custom wood crates, boxes and pallets that help you get your products there safely.

Reduce your damage claims by working with a shipping partner who truly understands what’s at stake when you package high-value cargo for transport. You can’t take any risks. You need reliable, nearly indestructible packaging that has been designed, manufactured and tested by experienced professionals.

Since 1998, we have built custom wood crates, steel-framed crates, boxes, standard pallets & heat treated pallets for international shipping that meet specifications for nearly any size, weight and final destinations. Protect your cargo and improve your bottom line by partnering with experienced designers and an agile production team.

Crates & Shipping Boxes

Our vast assortment of crating solutions meets the needs of any product of any size, weight or dimension. We specialize in designing and producing reliable, custom wood crates and steel-framed shipping boxes for the aerospace, automotive, medical, electronics, construction and manufacturing industries that meet your exact dimensions and weight requirements. We use green lumber or kiln-dried lumber, both of which can be heat-treated (ISPM 15 compliant), depending on your specifications.

  • Custom wood crates
  • Heavy duty crates
  • Standard shipping boxes
  • Military crates
  • Plywoodless crates
  • Steel-frame crates
  • Corrugated wood crates
  • Tradeshow crates & containers
  • Cleated-panel crates
  • Knock-down crates
  • Reusable crates

Pallets (Certified Product FSC®)

We manufacture millions of sturdy, lightweight pallets every year. Our expert-designed pallets are made from ethically-sourced pine imported from commercial plantations in Chile, USA, Canada, Brazil and Uruguay. Our American lumber is grown on plantations located in the northwestern, western and eastern regions of the United States.

  • Stringer pallets
  • Block pallets
  • Heat treated pallets for international shipping (ISPM 15 compliant)
  • Custom made pallets

Shipping Supplies & Accessories

Obtain a complete set of shipping-related components that help your team oversee the safe transport of your products.

  • Foams, carpets, padding
  • Ramps
  • Barrier bags
  • Locking latches
  • Hardware accessories

High Quality Materials Meet Expert-Designed Features

When the safety of your products is on the line, you can’t afford to cut corners. We use only materials that have been proven to perform under pressure. Our design team consistently innovates smarter, more efficient features to protect your product from the stresses of shipping. Our factory teams of seasoned production professionals bring everything together, on-time and built exactly to your specs.

Materials & Features

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