Expert packaging engineering that has been proven to perform under pressure.

We closely scrutinize each of our materials to make sure they stand up to our rigorous packaging engineering standards. We then design and implement features that we know will further reinforce their performance.

Superior packaging is about more than just materials. It’s about designing a system that maximizes the most important features of each component to generate the smartest shipping solution.

We are firmly dedicated to working with responsibly-sourced woods and other ethically-manufactured and eco-conscious materials.


We use only high quality materials that have been proven to handle the stresses of shipping. As the second largest wood-for-shipping importer in Mexico, our long-standing relationships with mills and other suppliers enable us to keep prices low. We are proud to pass these cost savings along to you.


Our expert packaging engineering always takes into account the realities of your shipping process from start to finish. We design and manufacture products with features that not only protect your products, they make shipping and transport easier for you to manage.

Client Stories

Real-world Custom Crate Solutions

Read real-world stories of how our custom crate solutions have helped clients save money, increase efficiencies and protect even the most delicate parts and products.

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