Our custom pallets, boxes and metal & wooden crate design all conform to you.

We don’t just construct shipping crates and pallets. We provide trusted industrial packing solutions that meet all your specifications, including timeline, budget and design. Improve your operational inefficiencies by working with a responsive partner who supplements your team. Our custom wooden crate design and pallet manufacturing experts bring decades of experience, giving you proven solutions that integrate seamlessly with your workflow.

No unnecessary delays. No communication black holes. No design surprises.

Our transparent, five-step process ensures that you remain in the loop from design to delivery.

  1. Consultation

    During your initial consultation, we discuss your project specifications, timeline and requirements, including wood type and other materials and design considerations unique to your job.

  2. Design & Technical Review

    Our expert design team closely reviews your CAD files or designs a custom solution from scratch. Our technical team makes sure that each wood pallet design and metal & wooden crate design will stand up to weight, stress and domestic or international shipping standards.

  3. Production

    Our in-house production team at one of our seven facilities fabricates your shipping solution, using a variety of materials that provide the best results at the best price.

  4. Testing

    Your crate undergoes rigorous testing under simulated shipping conditions, including drop/shake testing, impact testing and vibration testing to ensure superior performance under stress.

  5. Delivery

    No matter what your timeline or location, we deliver your crating to your location on-time, every time. In addition to rush services, we offer same-day delivery on a wide assortment of our most common products.

Why trust PSAP with your crate & wood pallet design?

Client Stories

Real-world Custom Crate Solutions

Read real-world stories of how our custom crate solutions have helped clients save money, increase efficiencies and protect even the most delicate parts and products.

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